I am currently open to a job in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering!

Have a look at my career path below.

What I've Done


Machine Learning (autodidacticism)

Nov 2023 - Present (Lisbon, Portugal)

Aerospace Engineering (MS)

Sep 2016 - Jul 2021 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Engineering Physics (BS)

Sep 2013 - Jul 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal)


Simulation Engineer

Oct 2022 - Nov 2023 (Porto, Portugal)
  • Designed and developed a multiphysics simulation tool in Python (\(\sim 17000\) executable lines, \(\sim 14000\) comment lines);
  • Produced respective Sphinx documentation;
  • Created extensive regression models for physical variables of the wind turbine components, validated using experimental data.

Simulation Trainee

Oct 2021 - Oct 2022 (Porto, Portugal)
  • Performed consultancy on Physics and Mechanical Design topics to other teams;
  • Performed CFD simulations of internal flows in several components of Vestas' wind turbines;
  • Worked under a Scrum framework, managed through Azure DevOps and Jira.

[One-page resume]

Works in Machine Learning

Here I present some of my works done in the field of Machine Learning.

My Kaggle notebooks

These were mostly done in the scope of Machine Learning competitions.

My written notes

My most effective learning method is writing proofs on my own.


Here you may have a look at some of my amateur art.


Done with plain paper and pencil.

Contact Me

Please, feel free to contact me.